Monday, December 1, 2008

Eye Spy what I want for Christmas

Well here we are on the first of December, I put up my Christmas tree last night because I knew I wouldn't be motivated enough to do it today in between gym, acupuncture and packing for ye olde hometown. You may or may not remember but my Christmas tree for the past two years has been a bit sad, a bit lean-y, and a bit small. So we upgraded to an adult-sized tree this year, which means I'm more than lacking in the decorations department. Mum told me just to say it was a 'work in progress' and that it's better to have buy a few nice decorations every year rather than a bunch of cheap crappy ones. I definately agree, we've never been ones for the whole matching ornament department-store looking tree, where's the tradition in that? I can appreciate how pretty they look and how crazy ours look, but these ones are built up over years of memories and milestones.

Since 'This is' wrapped up I've been a bit worried that I might run out of things to talk about on here, and I'm almost out of polaroid film so that also presents a problem. While I didn't always remember to do my 'This is' post it at least gave me something to think about when I was trying to come up with something to post about. So I've decided to jump of board the 'Eye Spy' which is fairly similar, only a bit simpler and open for interpretation. A big thanks to Bug and Pop for hosting it. The first topic 'what I want for Christmas' is so difficult for me to answer, I have a million things I want for Christmas, but I know I won't be getting them. I already know one thing I'm getting after I almost bought it for myself and my brother rushed in and said 'you might want to wait until after Christmas'. So here is a hypothetical list of things I would hypothetically like to have for Christmas:

- new subscription to Frankie mag
- subscription to Dumbo feather, pass it on
- a facial and massage
- a pretty brown bag
- new Kikki K diary
- proper BBQ for the balcony
- food processor and mixer
- a cabinet for my Granny's awesome collection of salt and pepper shakers I have inherited

That's about all, a girl can dream can't she?


Tara said...

A girl sure can dream... I'm super impressed that you could write a list that succinct... maybe I am just greedy... hmmm...

If only a boy could dream as well as a girl... and then my boyfriend would write a list like this and put it on his (imaginary) blog and I wouldn't have the trouble of trying to figure out what to get a guy that buys himself everything he wants.... eeeek... save me...

daydream lily said...

ill second a new kikki k diary. I got one lat year and it has been the best diary ive ever had!!!

Jenaveve said...

Clearly I've been away from blog-land too long... I've come back to find the demise of 'This Is...' Oh No!!