Monday, May 4, 2009

A corner of my home

paper cranes

/japanese paper cranes from yesterday's craft market

/champagne glasses from my brother

/mum's very old plastic pink polka dot champagne glasses

/salt and pepper shakers from my granny

/an assortment of books, old and new

/teacups from the body shop (weird I know)

/and a beautiful tea tray that I want to use and display at the same time (I should have bought two)


/beautiful tin of chinese rose black tea

/a brownie model C also inherited from my granny

/a japanese vase with jasmine incense

/for the love of light


K. Sundari said...

I love the little corner you have shown us. Beautiful Asian ornaments and I looove that camera.. jealous. Does it take 120?

Fibo said...

I looked it up when I first got it and apparently they are still functional if you have the right film, can't remember which film though. I really should look into it again!

Karolina said...

I love such corners of homes filled with memories, all generations mixed together :) the polkadot glasses are sweet


Jenaveve said...

Corners of the room absolutely MUST include books and things that from grandma, so this makes me incredibly happy :)

Hope you had a nice break from the Ikea bubble. I think I spotted you there on my first Ikea expedition a few weeks ago, but I was too shy to say hello and didn't want to freak you out with the 'hi, you don't know me but...'

Fibo said...

oh my god you should have said hi! It totally would have made my day haha, what department was I in? Although I totally understand the weirdness of it, Pip from Meet Me at Mikes came in last week and I was way too scared to say hi to her haha

kelse said...

beautiful, love the vibe.
just started reading middlesex too

REread said...

the salt and pepper shakers are too cool ...

Jenaveve said...

Haha! Yeah, we have to get more gutsy about saying hello. Kind of funny really.

Um, I was walking through the rugs bit, then past the fabric bit, and you were going in the other direction and I had that deja vu feeling like, 'I know her!' Then I put two-and-two together, but was quickly distracted by those little ironing boards (of which I did buy one!!)