Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know I've been absent and I thought I might just point out that all the dramas from last month have finally caught up with me and I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps and out of it. Hopefully August will be a better month, but for the moment I'm just trying to cope with going back to uni and getting myself organised so I don't end up a total train-wreck like last semester. I've been a bit slack with the "This is" memes, but I guess that's because they don't really apply to me very much at the moment considering my blog isn't really about me having any particular skill or trade. In fact sometimes I wonder why I actually have a blog, and I think it's because I just like to be part of this big blogging community and even if my blog is completely lame it at least gives me a way to interact with you all. I'll also be trying to continue with the "Just a minute" meme. Thanks everyone for your thoughts during the last month.


boxofglory said...

I really do hope things start to look up for you soon! I find that bad news goes in cycles, and you've just had a huge dose of bad stuff happen, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before things brighten up.

The sudden change from sleeping in to waking up early really hit me this morning as well... I had a splitting migraine when I woke up, so I know how you felt yesterday morning now!

You looked great when I bumped into you yesterday by the way... so don't be too hard on yourself!


one little acorn said...

Hopefully having a bit of a break and focusing on one thing at a time will help you get back to feeling better about things. Last month wasn't any good for you and it does take time to reflect and regenerate too.
I keep dropping by to see how you are and you're right, the blogging community is supportive in an amazing way considering most of us don't know each other in the 'real' world.
Take care and make sure you take some time out to be still - I find that helps.

Anna said...

Sounds to me like you're doing everything to make August a better month for you.. I always feel a bit better about things when I feel like I'm a bit organised and in control of what's going on. And I don't reckon you need to have a reason to have a blog.. it's just a lot of fun and you meet nice people so why not have one :) Take care.. things will get better soon!

Tara said...


Your blog does have a purpose... It is to showcase what a beautiful person you are and share all of the things you enjoy...

When I started posting some posts that weren't food related a little while ago and I felt guilty about it someone said to me "It is your blog, we are just going along for the ride, reading those posts lets us get to know you better"...

So just remember, your blog is yours, and in all its randomness it gives us all a glimpse of who you are!

Also, as someone who had a horrifically bad month back in February, I know things will go up for you this month, things have a way of rollercoastering like that!!

*big hugs* :)