Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a minute, in July

Here I am jumping into another meme in an attempt to force myself to blog when I think I have nothing to blog about. Well I guess we'll see about that.

Here's the jist of it:
Pretty easy really - pick any day of the month to post (maybe when you can't think of a thing to blog about!) and give us a handful of highlights beginning with an action, like: reading... or eating...
Give it a title, 'Just a minute... in (insert month)' so others can find them easily in your post list.

And here we go:

Climbing ladders to enter my flat through my balcony after locking myself out while trying to be a good Samaritan! My next door neighbor left the side door of his van open and being the kind-hearted person that I am I decided to go over and tell him so his belongings/van wasn't stolen.

Mourning the deaths of my Pop and my Granny, my two remaining grandparents, one from each side of our family. My Granny's death came as a shock to all of us, we really expected another ten years or so before we'd lose her. I really wanted her to be around for when I got married at least, but sadly it wasn't part of the bigger plan.

Learning how to use a new phone after dropping my mobile in my cup of hot milo last night. Not such a clever thing to do it would seem, phones do not seem to like milo as much as I do.

Baking a delicious lemon meringue slice for a Tupperware party I attended on the weekend. That's right, I've pretty much hit the pinnacle of domesticity, all by the age of 21.

Discovering all kinds of crazy things about my genealogy. For example, some of my ancestors were the pioneers of Tasmania, I even know the name of the ship they arrived on. Also, my great great great grandparents were Scottish and Irish and my Mum's maiden name was changed twice during this time. I love finding out these things, I've always been told that our family was just plain English all the way back and I found this so boring. Roots.web is great for looking up the names of grandparents and great grandparents to find this kind of stuff.

Listening to Pete Murray's new album which I bought today, I love this song, so I'll leave you with it today.


Lisa said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandparents. I still miss my Granny, many years after she left us.

one little acorn said...

Thanks for the link to roots.web - found out some new information on the very first look!
I like your new meme and will try to take part.
Hope things are looking up after a pretty tough month.