Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is.. what makes me happy

Big apologies for being late again this week, although this time I have a decent excuse. Sadly my Pop passed away on Friday night so I've been spending everyday since helping out my Mum and my Aunt with the funeral preparations and there has been lots of hand-holding and hugs for Mum going on. In the end the funeral was beautiful and respectful for a really great guy who did so much in his life and did so much for other people, he was to be 91 this year and he hadn't yet wasted a year of his life. Funerals are bitter-sweet in our family as it's really the only time that that side of the family come together and we get to see all our other cousins and aunts/uncles other than just my Mum's sister's family who we have always been closest to.

Anyway to bring my mood back up I decided I'd throw myself into this week's theme and remember all the things that make me happy! So here they are, in whatever order they pop into my head:

A good tight warm hug
Singing 'sexyback' very loudly while vacuuming
Perfectly brewed tea
Wedding dresses
The enthusiasm of a one-year-old
Postcards for no particular reason
A stranger wearing a perfume that reminds you of a loved one
Nice graffiti
Playing cards on the train
A good soy latte
Cute cops
Colourful bouquets of flowers
Family gatherings at Christmas
Kodak moments
Tupperware parties
Seeing life through the eyes of a Polaroid
Petals on the ground after a wedding
Sock monkeys
Unexpected eye contact with a cute stranger
A good ballad
Warm jumpers after a long cold day
New stationary
Still knowing every word to Spice Girls songs 10 years later
Hot watter bottles
Unposed photos of people laughing
Any occasion that calls for Champagne
Fluffy puppies and tiny kittens
The buzz after a good gym workout
Watching foreign sbs movies and having no idea what is going on
Love, of any kind, as long as it doesn't hurt.

That is what make me happy.


one little acorn said...

So sorry to hear your news about your Pop. Though I'm glad the funeral was special - it's so important to say good-bye with a tribute.
And lovely to follow with a blog about the things that make you happy. That's quite a list you've got going there! Love it.
Thanks for sharing. Hope this week is kinder to you and your family.

Jenaveve said...

Hey Fi,

I hope you and your family made it through the week alright after the funeral. And what a great way to finish by listing all these lovable things (my faves on your list: unexpected eye contact with a cute stranger, soy lattes, polaroids, hugs and champs any time). Awesome list!

Jenaveve said...

Oh, and stationary!! How could I forget that one, that always makes me happy. And freshly brewed tea... and....