Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Readings is a dangerous store

Today I almost bought this for a friend's upcoming birthday (and perhaps one for myself as well)

And this one, thanks Frankie for finding me to perfectly pretty beginner quilting book!

Oh and this one. I know I don't have kids nor plan to have them anytime soon, but this book is just amazingly beautiful, it was so hard to walk away from it.

"How restrained of you" I here you say! Well I did buy one book, it's called "No Time to Lose" and it's written by Pema Chödrön who is an American Buddhist. I know it's not exactly meant to be a beginner's text but I'm finding it very interesting to read. After all I'm used to reading philosophy essays and psychological papers that I completely do not understand so this surely can't be that hard to get through.

I felt like this book was a bit more practical for me to be buying right now, whereas I don't have a sewing machine yet so a quilting book would lay unused for months, I don't have children so the Home book seems a bit unnecessary right now and the birthday isn't for another month so I have plenty of time to buy that one. Don't get me wrong I'll probably be back there in a week searching for all three books I put back and praying they haven't yet sold out! But for now I will pat myself on the back for walking out with only one book instead of four (although to be honest I did also buy myself a bookmark and a notebook).

Also have you downloaded this yet? I especially love the second last page, I laughed out loud, I love to-do lists, especially silly ones.


design for mankind. said...

AWww, thank you for the link love, dear! :)

Beth J said...

Hmmm, I may just have to check that cookbook out... that mag download is great too.