Monday, July 14, 2008

She gives me goosebumps too

Last night I saw the beautiful Clare Bowditch perform an acoustic-ish show at The Corner Hotel, I was about half a meter away from her for the whole show and it was just amazing.

She also has quite the sense of humour; singing songs about her Casio keyboard, donning sunglasses and dancing in front of a strobe light and even playing the teapot.

Her supporting acts were Guy Blackman (yawn) and Hot Little Hands who were so great we bought their album (the drummer is also quite easy on the eye, and has a pretty voice!). For the second last song Clare had a bunch of her cousins, the girl from the Feeding Set and Hot Little Hands join her to sing 'From little things big things grow", it was very sweet!

Sorry about the blurry photos, it's hard to take a steady photo at a concert, I seriously need to get myself a proper camera. Then maybe someone could pay me to go to concerts and take photos.. yeah I wouldn't mind that at all actually..

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