Saturday, August 15, 2009

Further evidence of awesome

Rockstar cookies for my rockstar co-workers who listen to me whinge all the time and say nice things to me. I got so flustered handing these out to people, it's funny how doing nice things can be embarrassing sometimes.. luckily the best response I got was from the person that I was most excited to give them to :)


K. Sundari said...

Oh isn't that nice. so lovely

Jenaveve said...

Rockstar cookies - love 'em. I would be a very happy chappy to have received one of these!

kate said...

oh you are the best co-worker ever!! how awesome indeed! yes it is totally harder sometimes to be nice rather than mean or indifferent... i think maybe its because it doesnt happen very often and people get defensive! how sad :)

good on you :)