Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wineries also help

Especially wineries with amazing food, pretty rivers and tables on a bridge. If I could go back here every time I had a problem with the universe I would be a very very happy person.


Karolina said...

I've never been to such a place, I think it's about time to change that..

hope you're feeling better now

Tara said...

I've been there!! lol... or at least it looks like a place I went on the Winery Walkabout?

Kelly said...

Haha! Don't you dare change anything about your blog! x

Kelly said...

Are Magnum doing that promo again?! Oh no. I'll HAVE to buy a Magnum now. I can't believe you twisted my arm like that. Rude.

Marion Cotillard. She's one of my absolute favourite actresses.
Have you seen La Vie En Rose, Love me if You Dare or A Good Year?
She's in those. She's beyond stunning.

I think i'm actually the most excited for this movie than I've ever been. This and Alice in Wonderland!

On second thought I might need to buy 2 Magnums. Ha.

Tara said...

Love me if you dare is one of my favourite movies... It appeared randomly in my DVD collection and I have no idea where it came from!

Lauren said...

oooh, lovely.