Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Ive learnt in Italy!

1. Nobody moves for you, even if they know you are in the way they will try to walk straight through you.

2. When people say they can speak "a little english" it means they can have a complete conversation with you about almost any topic.

3. The entire town will be flat, but everywhere you want to go have a thousand steps leading up to it.

4. The canals in Venice smell like seaweed and rotting wood, its fairly unpleasant.

5. Every food shop sells pizza and gelati. And thats all they need to sell.

6. Apparently Italian keyboards dont have an apostraphe key, so please ignore my bad punctuation.

7. There are beggars everywhere, and chances are they arent as poor as they look.

8. McDonalds in Florence is at least half the price of McDonalds in Venice.

9. Its highly likely that there are more Americans in Italy than any other nationality... including Italians.

10. Venetian glass and venetian masks and venetian silk has a very high probability of actually being made in china, check the labels!

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