Saturday, January 12, 2008

What I've learnt so far in France

1. French people really do walk around wearing berets and carrying baguettes.

2. There is dog poop EVERYWHERE., watch where you're walking

3. The french metro system is easier to understand than Melbournes, even when everything is written in french and you don't speak a word of it.

4. French keyboards are weeeird, the 'a' and 'q' is around the wrong way and so is the 'm, 'n' and ;.

5. French drivers rarely give way to pedestraians, this makes crossing the road an extreme sport in itself.

6. Theres an iceskating rink and ferris wheel in every city.

7. Even in France you can't escape bad American music.

8. You can get nutalla on pretty much anything that you can buy from a street vendor.

9. You can get beer with your maccas. You can also get it in vending machines for 1 euro at this hostel.

10. Argh number 10 isn't coming to me just yet, stay tuned!

10. French tv is where American tv goes to die. You can watch 90210, Mad about you and every crime show ever produced all dubbed in french!

11. French Wheel of Fortune is hilarious. The letter turner is the French (and alive..) Anna Nicole Smith, and the host has a pet dog that comes on the show, but does nothing at all, except for sleep and get in the way of the french Anna Nicole.

12. House and Crossing Jordan are actually more interesting in French than in English.


jaclyn said...

10, French chefs are insulted if you don't eat the smelly cheese

Enjoy the snow Fibo


hungryjac said...

10. French chefs get really upset if you don't eat the smelly cheese course. :)


jaclyn said...

10. French chefs get VERY upset if you don't enjoy the smelly cheese course.

Hope you are both feeling better and are having fun.


Pod said...

bonne annee or whatever!
hoping it s a creative year for you!

Fibo said...

haha thanks hungryjac, if you thought your comment wasnt getting through its just because ive got it set so that i have to approve comments before they appear, sadly I had some weirdo on my last blog posting cryptic comments that I didnt like so I changed the settings!