Saturday, January 26, 2008

What I learnt skiing in the French Alpes

1. Going down a blue run on your first attempt at skiing in 8 years is not such a good idea, and will end in tears and a tantrum.

2. Falling over hurts, but not falling over and completely losing control and fearing for your life is worse.

3. Good skiers and snowboards are worse than bad drivers, they will cut you off and freak you out just because they can.

4. Skis are HEAVY and walking in ski boots is a bitch. Take as many chair lifts as you can and avoid gondolas where you have to take off your skis and walk up massive ramps.

5. Youre shins will never forgive you for skiing. You will often wonder why on earth you are taking part in such a painful sport.

6. Blue runs are not always easier than red runs. In fact sometimes a blue run is as hard as a black run, especially when it is the only way down.

7. Having a cold and skiing is not a brilliant idea. Having lots and lots of tissues in your pockets is.
8. Crying halfway down a run and refusing to continue will not help in any way what so ever.

9. You can be hot and freezing at the same time, especially when you have the wind in your face, someone elses powder spitting up at you and youre coming down a run is way way way too hard.

10. Never ever ever trust your boyfriend when he says "yeah this chairlift will be fine, Im sure theres an easy way to get down".

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