Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A belated return to blogland

That's right, I'm back, and I've been back for alomst a week now. It's strange how every now and then I get a blog block, and no matter what thrilling and inspiring things have been going on in my life, I just can't find the motivation to blog about it. This always dissapoints me in the end because I look back and think "why didn't I write about that?". It's a little bit like my travel journal which got abandoned a few days into Nice, and sadly will probably never be updated. Luckily I have 1200 pictures to remind me of our trip!

I've also hit a creative block, although let's be honest, there's been a lot of talking (and spending) about craft and not a lot of actual DOING. Which is frustrating me greatly. The main problem I have is space. I have no space to put my crafty supplies, I have no space to do my crafty things, I have no space to put my finished crafty things (if there ever were any), and currently I lack the head space to think about crafty things. I have one eye on my stitching book, one eye on my soon-to-be-announced uni timetable, one eye on my calendar to decide when to go back to work, one eye on my phone waiting for a call from Fernwood, and one eye on my bank account because I owe mum money for the trip and I don't have much left after that. Unfortunately, I just don't have that many eyes.

What I needed was space (both physical and head space) so I'm in Cobram for the week hanging around at my parents house, doing a whole lot of nothing because my friends are all at work, and planning my next move when I hit the streets of Melbourne again.

So until then it may remain a bit quiet around here, so feel free to check out a (very small) selection of my photos from Europe over on flickr, the others are on facebook and I might get around to posting the links one day. But not today, because I'm starving and these parents of mine never have any food around!

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