Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is.. my favourite quote

I'm not sure if we're meant to use actual quotes by famous people or something like that for this week's theme. To be honest I haven't actually been to the post of the blog of the person who came up with this week's theme. I'm in the last stages of finishing my report which is due tomorrow at 8pm and I'm going a little batty.

So to honour this, I've used a 'quote' from issue four of Mankind Mag. For some reason just looking at this picture (by Nicole Parks fyi) made me go 'oh yeah', as if it wasn't completely obvious. So often I sit at my computer staring at a blank screen so scared of writing something completely crap and unsubmittable that I continue staring at the blank screen and don't write anything for hours. This little quote just tell me 'just write SOMETHING anything, then at least you're thinking about it and you're haflway there'.

I wrote this quote on a bit of paper and it now sits above my laptop, with my 'keep calm and carry on' postcard and another quote that I love:

'There is no greater tragedy than doing nothing, for fear of doing too little'.

I found this quote back in VCE when I was having similar problems with my work, I'm such a perfectionist that I always expect the best from myself and when I feel I can't do my best I just do nothing, which is only selling myself short. These quotes keep my going and push me over the edge more often than not. Hopefully you find them useful too.

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