Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is.. a recipe I would like to share


You'll have to excuse me for not writing this up myself or taking real photos of the batch I made, things are a little crazy here with the report you see. Hence why this is super late, although that's not really so unusual for me.

Either way, click on the pic above to see the proper size version of it so you can read it. It is probably my favourite soup recipe ever right now, and I am kicking myself (and Delicious) for having not found it when it was actually winter and I could eat it without raising a sweat. I made my first batch of this on Friday when the cold weather kicked in for the weekend (you have to love Melbourne weather like that) and I ate it for every meal until yesterday lunch time. And even though I ate it for every meal for 4 days, I found myself wanting to make another batch straight away. Too bad the old Melbourne weather had decided to kick back into Spring by then so it will just have to wait.

Trust me though, it is awesome. I added a bit more chillii to mine to give it even more of a kick and I ate it with lemon juice squeezed over the top. Yum. For anyone over the other side of the world who might happen upon my little blog, make this your soup recipe of the coming season, you won't regret it!
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Tara said...

I know exactly the little book you got this out of, will have to give it a go myself next time our Melbourne weather decides to flick back to Winter for a few days... shouldn't be waiting too long!

penny postcard said...

lovely blog dear! i have ishotyou thankyou for your comment! my other blog is i think you might like it!