Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jumping on the Poladroid bandwagon

Poladroid has finally gone PC! In case you have been living in a computer-free closet and haven't heard of Poladroid yet it is a magnificent program which allows you to turn your boring old photos into virtual polaroids! Complete with the delightful burring sound and you can watch it slowly develop before your very eyes, genius. For ages there was only a Mac version of poladroid, so I would frequently visit the website eagerly awaiting the release of a PC version.

Ever since getting back from Europe I've been kicking myself for not taking polaroid while I was over there (I had the camera, but the film was dead!), so now I can use the pictures I already took and transform them into beautiful polaroids. The changes in colour and lighting are amazing, making previously dull photos into really pretty shots. Now that I've run out of actual polaroid film and I can't really afford to buy any more for the moment I'll probably be relying on poladroid for a lot of my photos. I know you can tell the difference because my polaroids are normally have more of a hazy-dreamy quality rather than the bright colours, but for the while it will be a fun experiment.

p.s I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break, I had intended to post more but got a bit lazy with all the festivities. Thanks to Tara for calling me out on my bad blogging ;)


Miss Maybel said...

I was hanging out for PC Polaroid. It took so long I kind of forgot about it.

Thanks for reminding me!

PS great pic.

Jenaveve said...

Ooh... I'll be checking this out, they look wonderful. Thanks for the hot tip.

Tara said...

LOL... thanks for the shout-out... haha... after I picked on you for it I realised I haven't been blogging much lately either... but I have been sick and that doesn't gel too well with writing a food blog!

Love the idea of this poladroid program, I will have to find some photos of mine to use with it...

Jacinta said...

Ooh, that's cool. I SO need to look into this.