Sunday, January 18, 2009

What some may call resolutions

1. See more sunrises
2. Drive to the coast occasionally
3. Grow my own vegetables
4. Voice my opinion
5. Make time for tea
6. Spend more time outdoors
7. Picnic
8. Be a guerrilla gardener
9. Attend a film festival
10. Find my own personal style
11. Take responsibility for my own happiness
12. Shop at Farmer's Markets
13. Cook a roast dinner for my friends
14. Learn to run
15. Create and explore


Beth said...

Mmmm they all sound like wonderful and sensible resolutions! I particularly like 4 and 11.

I read a story about the guerrilla gardeners and thought it was fantastic!! Hopefully they have more sense than councils do than to plant trees directly under powerlines. That has always baffled me.

Karolina said...

ah I usually end up forgetting about my resolutions. these are ones that can make your life magical. I wish I had the time for ones like these. to remember about them in the hectic everyday life :) good luck with yours!

Mary said...

what's a guerilla gardener?

Fibo said...

Not to be confused with the Australian tv show of the same name:
It's basically about taking over neglected or unused land and using it to sow your own vegetables or flowers. Personally I just want to throw some seeds onto nature strips and see if stuff grows.