Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is.. my current reading material

Click the pic for extra fun! You might even learn something..

Essay number 2 is now complete, albeit an absolute pile of rubbish. All I want is to pass, seriously, just get me out of here.

Now I get to start on the lab report, lucky me. This is my reading material, 8 articles about individualism and extrinsic motivation. Amazing how a lab report can suck the fun out of even potentiall interesting topics. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a combined total of 179 pages to read, understand and summarise by the end of today...


Kerry said...

Yup, I'm pretty much in the same boat. I hate the arse end of the semester, always so many assignments all due at the same bloody time! So annoying!

Good luck with the lab report... Mine is pretty much going no where. The results we got are only semi-supported by the articles I have read, and I really am not coming up with enough theoretical explanations for why we got the results we got. Sooo confusing, it's doing my head in. By the sounds of it, it only gets worse next year. Fun times!

What are you planning to do next year? I'm not really sure I am going to have the energy to do honours or post-grad after this degree. It has just sucked the life out of me. But I'm not really sure what job I can get with just this degree... other than doing a dip-ed and becoming a teacher (which isn't very appealing to me!)

Wow... Random! A lady bug just landed on my lap top! :D

Fibo said...

next year I am planning to get as far away from Swinburne as I can. The other side of the world in fact!

Basically I'm thinking of just working for the first half to save money, then hopefully to Fiji with a couple a friends for a week or two then off to Europe by myself either to work or travel or just bum around, haven't really figured out the details yet!

I don't see myself in a 'real' job for a few years yet, so I'm thinking of doing a post-grad in health sciences or something like that so these three years weren't a complete waste!

colour by number said...

good luck!

Moiface said...

I hear that sista! I'm doing an MSW and I can't read anything well enough for it to really soak in... I just do enough to get the assignments done.

The article you posted looked kinda cool!