Monday, October 20, 2008

This is.. my favourite films

and some of my favourite scenes..

Across the Universe (I even stopped myself from using a Jude scene!)

Almost Famous

Garden State

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Virgin Suicides

Life is Beautiful

I have more, Amelie, Into the Wild, Moulin Rouge, but I'm all youtube-d out! Thanks to Hokey for the theme this week, I had fun reliving some of my favourite scenes.


Vegan and Vintage said...

I love all of your loves too! I think I need to add to my list!

Hollie (hokey) xx

Hayley Lau said...

Man, watching that part of Life is Beautiful just made me tear up. That's my favourite part too. Such an absolutely wonderful movie.

Lauren said...

Almost Famous I one of my faves too!

one little acorn said...

Oooh - you picked a few movies I loved too... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State and Amelie (this is my all-time fave)

Kelly said...

Wow we have REALLY similar tastes! I love all of those movies - except i've yet to see Across the Universe. It's on my to do list! :)

I totally forgot to ad Life is Beautiful and Almost Famous to my list. There's toooo many movies to name.

Tara said...

I just got through one of your favourite books and now you post about your favourite films! Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, virgin suicides, amelie and moulin rouge are already among my favourites, but now I will have to get my hands on Across the universe, Life is beautiful and Into the wild. :)

Anna Feyt said...

fantastic all the movies and love the scenes you picked!