Friday, September 12, 2008

Just a minute, in September

Seems I completely missed August, whoops. Although I think I cognitively missed that month as well, anyway care to fill me in on what I did for all of August? So here's to September, Spring has apparently sprung and there is blossom everywhere and the days are longer and the nights are getting warmer, this is good right? I'm having trouble feeling good about the impending shorts/skirts weather though I must say, Fernwood to the rescue!

So I am:

Contemplating.. my future. Next year is a big scary new world for me, I have no plans, no goals, and a suitcase full of dreams. Thus far I have considered living in France/Ireland/London/Canada, backpacking around Europe, volunteering in Fiji, cycling around China and trekking the Kokoda trail. All brilliant ideas, but the idea of travelling alone scares the bejeebus out of me.

Stressing.. about my research project. I guess it's basically a mini thesis where I've had to develop, plan, carry out and write up my own research. I'm doing it on the effects of outsourcing domestic labour on gender division in dual-earner households. Exciting stuff right, who would have thought it'd be hard to find women in dual earner households who hire cleaners/gardeners etc?

Photographing.. nothing at all. But constantly seeing things that I desperately want to take photos of. It annoys me that I'm too lazy to carry my Polaroid camera everywhere with me, it would also help if it wasn't such a stupid shape/size.

Spending.. far too much money on my health. Weekly acupuncture plus 5 fillings (yes, FIVE) plus upcoming cardiologist appointment plus the possibility of personal trainer and/or bootcamp to work out my fat arse. Self neglect comes at a high price my friends.

Hoping.. I can just get through the next 3 months without having a mental breakdown. Pray for me kids, I need it.


Kerry said...

I'm scared of traveling alone too! Wait a year for me to finish uni and we can travel together, lol ;)

Good luck with all of your goals/plans/adventures/projects etc... YOU CAN DOOOEETTT!! :D

Beth J said...

Wow, cool hearing about your research project. Do you still need participants or are you writing up? My bf's parents, both time-poor academics, hire a cleaner and I can tell you that it has cut down many arguments in their household! My friend did a study on division of domestic labor in male sharehouses... it was really interesting!

Don't worry, I was very embarassed to have 6 fillings and I'm now saving to have 2 of my wisdom teeth removed. (I hadn't been to the dentist in 12 years...!)

Jenaveve said...

I've never travelled alone either (yet) but a great friend of mine said it was the absolute best experience. She was terrified, but came to find a whole new confidence she never knew existed... and said it wasn't as scary as she expected.

Very interesting research topic... we'd love to get a cleaner but can't really justify the cost, even though we both work like crazy and the housework is the last thing we have time to do. Be interested to see the results - good luck with it.