Monday, September 22, 2008

I can't feel my mouth

Today I had my fourth filling in three weeks, and I'm officially over it. I'm pretty curtain I'm biting my tongue, but I can't tell, because I can't feel it either. One side of my mouth feels like a balloon, but it looks normal, albeit slightly droopy.

So while I wait for the numbness to wear off and the toothache to set in I'm not going to do a lot of work, because I think this is a fair excuse to ignore my impending essays and to-be-transcribed-interviews. I have a dilemma, and it involves photos, art and frames. My favourite kind of dilemma.

You see a while ago I bought a Yumi Yumi print:

And then I bought two Black Apple prints:

Oh and a diecut:

As you can see my etsy account as been busy..

Anyway, I also got printed all those Europe photos in 6 x 4, which didn't include the ones I'd already had printed in 5 x 7. So, the dilemma. Now I want to frame all of this and I have no idea where to start. I've been getting inspiration from other people as well as the ever wonderful domino website.

I really love this display idea for the Europe photos:

Except for a few problems; Ikea here doesn't sell these packs of frames (and I should know), the photos are printed in 6 x 4 which wouldn't look as good and thus I'd have to get them all reprinted bigger, and also what would I do with all the Etsy prints?

So I'm thinking more of a hodge-podge look might be best, which will require lots of that expensive stick-on-hook stuff and a whole bunch of frames. Should I go for different colours/styles/size frames or stick with one colour/style and just vary the size? It's all so difficult! I was thinking that white or silver frames would be nice for the Black Apple prints, white or natural for the Yumi Yumi print (inspired by her own display). I think black would work best for the diecut and I think just about anything would look good with the Europe photos!

So what do you think? Advice? Suggestions? Cautionary tales? And if you know anywhere (other than Ikea) that sells cheap and good frames clue me in!


K. Sundari said...

Oooh...dentists are lovely. I had 7 fillings done about 2 months ago..all in a matter of 4 weeks. great fun

Kerry said...

Damn those frames not being available in Australia's Ikea! They're so cool!

Jenaveve said...

In love with that Yumi Yumi print... in fact with all of them really.

What?! I saw those frames on Kirin Notebook and thought: definitely making a trip to Ikea. But we don't have them? Boo!

Frames hey? I like the white idea or maybe something red or black for the Black Apple shots. Hmmm...maybe hold some color swatches near them for the best result.

Juniper said...

That Yumi Yumi print is soooo lovely, i have just checked out their blog to find pictures i really want!!! If i could afford it i would buy them all. I might just buy one but am torn as like them all. Isnt it terrible! Im really into bird prints since buying a Fenchurch tee with the most gorgeous bird print on it. I wish i could show you a photo of the tee print but i don't have a blog myself.

Thanks for this blog Fibo or i wouldn't have known about all these wonderful shops!