Thursday, September 25, 2008


So today I was going to do homework right?

Instead I went out for lunch, then went on an online shopping spree and bought this necklace:

Two of these postcards (green and robins egg blue on bottom left). I know everyone has one of these posters know and it's totally yesterday, but I think they are too cute and now that I have postcard size ones I can easily frame them for my itty bitty kitchen, I found them via Lin's post.

Then I made the mistake of checking my bloglines (did I mention that I managed to read all 985 posts that have built up?! No wonder I'm not getting any work done) and saw these gorgeous Japanese paper balloons on My Poppet's online shop. After discovering they were only $3.50 each I of course had to buy myself the panda and the tiger.

To make things worse I had a bit of a browse around after putting these balloons in my cart and noticed the globe paper balloons as well. I figured I already had two paper balloons, what difference is it going to make if I get a globe as well? At least then I will know how to write country names in Japanese right? Perfectly reasonable.

Paypal is an evil invention. But oh well, at least I'll be getting some fun mail in the coming weeks! I was getting a bit sick of all the bills and reminder letters from OPSM/Red Cross/RACV/blah blah.

P.s Did you notice I changed my background? I decided that with the new sunny weather I needed to brighten up my blog a little bit, the grey background was bringing me down. Hope you like it! If not I can always change it back, just for you, because you know how much I love you.


my poppet said...

cheers, cinti

Vegan and Vintage said...

Thanks so much for the link, I just had to get myself a panda, a tiger and a kitty!


Kerry said...

Love that necklace... and I'm very tempted by that paper globe!

Jenaveve said...

Don't blame you for not studying... the spring weather is making it very very tough.

I heart that necklace...

Jenaveve said...

BTW, love the new lightened look! I'd say go with it.

(Have been considering the same for a while now)

Stompface said...

that necklace is very very beautiful!
good job.

Beth J said...

I'm buying some of those animal balloons!! Love the new look of your blog. Very light and fresh!