Friday, March 21, 2008

Prisoner of my own room

My brother is having a Good Friday bbq today with all his friends. Let's just say that they are not exactly my "type" of people, and instead are highly annoying and have a habit of breaking my things. Considering this flat is 90% my things, I don't really like having them here. However when my brother has friends he tends to do a lot of cleaning, this is good, but hardly a compromise. So instead I'm going to take photos of yesterdays purchases, please ignore the bad lighting and the complete lack of photo styling-ness.

So for image number 1 we have my sewing machine dress, it's called the sewing machine dress because I spent my sewing machine money on it. So I guess I had better wear it a lot. And also because I got a discount on it because the zip has become undone slightly and needs a tiny fix.

Not the best photo of it of course, don't mind my many calenders in the background, I try to keep myself organised and it never seems to work. In real life the dress is sort of an electric purple/royal blue colour and it's super pretty and actually fits me well! I would have taken a photo of me wearing it but I'm wearing trackies and am quite comfortable thankyou very much.

Photo number two is my new bag, I seem to buy a new sportsgirl bag every 6 months or so, this is why my hat stand it bulging so much, it has far too many bags on it. But how cute is this bag, as if I could leave it there, it was only $40! Once again worst ever photography skills, I really need to do something about that. Sadly being confined to one's room does not allow for much artistic expression.
Photo number three is of my new almost-emo fingerless gloves that I bought mainly for cold days when I'm on the computer but my fingers are freezing off, or when I'm at uni in far-too-cold lecture rooms and still need to make notes. And on the right are my super-styling purple leather gloves that I bought in Florence while I was over there, they are cashmere lined, luxurious much? I could almost wear them with my purple dress and grey coat I bought in Lyon, mmm then I would be super styling.

And last but not least is my pretty print I bought myself from YumiYumi which arrived in the post this week, it so beautiful in real life but I have no idea where to put it! I need to get a frame specially for it, although I'm running out of hooks, living in a rental flat suuuucks sometimes.

I love this print, but I must say I'm a bit addicted now and pining over this one:


Well I'm off now, I have headachus Maximus and need to lie down and put in some ear plugs or something.


lady jicky said...

Hi Fibo! Love your blog and have it in "My Favourites".
Is that dress a Very Very??
Looks good and I like your new bag and those gloves - Mmmmm. Super warm witht the cashmere lining.
I love those prints too. Another thought about a frame. you could make it a hanging - slip a wooden dowl through the top and the bottom and then hang?? Maybe??

.girl ferment. said...

Both those print are lovely. If you run out of hooks just try those removeable gluey ones.

Fibo said...

Hey lady jickey, the dress is a Pilgrim one, I think that's how it's spelt.. I got it from the 'basement' at Myer in the city.
Oh and Girl Ferment I completely forgot about those removable gluey hooks you're totally right, I'm already actually using two in my lounge room so I'd just have to rearrange them a bit!