Thursday, March 13, 2008

I need a date..

So here's the thing right, in my group of friend I am somewhat of an anomaly, I don't really fit in for a number of different reasons, most of them to do with coming from the country buuuut the one I get teased about (in a friendly way of course) is my craftiness, or in their terms my "middle-aged-mother-ness". So when I found out about the Stitches and Craft show in Melbourne my excitement was short-lived when I realised that none of my friends would want to go with me.

I guess the thought of paying to follow me around on a stinking hot day while I oo-ed and ahh-ed over fabric and quilts and stitching wasn't so appealing. Now as much as I would love to just rock up and be confident and walk around by myself.. it's just not going to happen. So I'm sending out a bit of an SOS call to anyone who is going or thinking about going on Saturday or Sunday, 'coz I'd kinda like someone to tag along with *blushes*.

So.. any takers?


Miss Woolly said...

Hi Fibo,

Well I'm glad you came to Stitches and Craft today. Yes, there were about 500 legitimate middle aged mothers/grandmothers there and then there were us... who like you came without our friends who felt the same as your friends about our combined middleaged-ness! But we had fun. Hell, I even went and joined the Country Womens Association today!! How Nanna is that! And I don't even live in the country!! Ha ha ha.

I think the next challenge for you is to enter stuff in the craft competition at the Royal Melbourne Show. Funniest and best middle aged thing I did in 2006. This is my Nanna dare to you. You have to do it. I got a third prize losing out to a cross stitch of a waterfall and one of Jon Bon Jovi.

Hysterical. Your friends don't know the fun they are missing!

Bec said...

ah, I know how you feel!! My bestie that I go to craft fairs with is moving up to townsville (i'm in Sydney) and none of my other friends like doing that kind of stuff either! So I'm stuck with either dragging the boy along (which is highly doubtful) or going by myself. BUT, when you're there - there is soooo much to look at, and so many lovely people there you really wouldn't feel alone :)
Maybe put a comment on the "Meet me at Mikes" blog - a lot of melbourne crafters read her blog so you might find some girls that are going.

Fibo said...

thanks guys, I did actually end up finding a friend who is even more into the craft stuff than I am! She was just someone I wouldn't have even thought of, luckily facebook made us realise we both wanted to go and had no-one to go with! Ah the wonders of the internet ;)

Tara said...

Awww... so upset I am only just reading this now! I had the same dilemma but chickened out of going by myself... haha... maybe next year?