Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A bit split

Do you ever feel like you're living your life.. a bit split? Stay with me here. I've found this both now and in past experiences, there are times when I feel so positively one way, and then hours or days later I find myself on absolute flipside of that view, without anything really changing? I don't want to harp on about "the breakup" too much buuut because it is my blog and therefore my own little personal space and I can talk about whatever I want, right?

So my viewpoint at the moment is that everything is great and we're friends and I had a nice conversation with him on the phone yesterday without even being upset, so therefore things are good and I'm positive about the future of our friendship. But then two nights ago, despite my efforts to be positive I found myself a tearful mess because I felt alone and like I had lost my best friend and I'd never feel loved again. It seems my feelings on the matter flip whenever feel like it and I'll find myself cheerful and positive one moment and then be crying and "why me"-ing within a few hours.

Yes, yes I know this is how breakups work. But this is only a case-in-point, I often find myself flip-flopping on things that I thought I was certain about. Does anyone else have this?

p.s I promise I'll get crafting again soon. But look I played with photoshop.. that's creative right?

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