Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is.. the contents of my handbag

I tend to swap between a few different bags depending on whether I'm going to uni, gym or out on the town, but for the moment I've been using my brand new Sportsgirl bag for most things so it's accumulated a bit of stuff I wouldn't normally have with me..

My contents:
Purple and green highlighters
Sunglasses pouch
Kikki K Camera pouch
Mini pen from Kikki K
Ipod and bluey green Ipod holder thingy
Extra gum
Old train ticket
Hemp hand lotion
Leather mini notebook bought from Rome

So that's the contents of my handbag, thrilling stuff isn't it! I just got back from my first meeting with the lovely ladies over on the Willow forum which I'm part of, so I am tireddddd, so much talking! I might be back later with a proper post, but my three from last night should keep you going until tomorrow if I don't!


AnastasiaC said...

cute purse!! love that blue....we've got similar stuff - girly needs!!

Kyla said...

Very Cute, I like your little green coin purse (??) as well.
Cheers Kyla

Fibo said...

thanks kyla, although it's be pretty useless as a coin purse because it's only fastened with a button haha, it's from Kikki K, I use it has a camera holder but you could also use it for Ipod's etc. Similar to this one but different fabric: