Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is.. my demon

Ok so I'm starting my first meme, how exciting! I've jumped on the "this is" bandwagon because every week I keep going "oh man I have such a good one for that!" and then just doing nothing about it. So I made the decision to start, and the first one is "this is my demon". Now I have a lot of demons, but very few of them are practical to photograph and as much as I would just love to post a photo of me looking at myself naked in the mirror with a very distasteful face I just don't think I'm quite ready for that! So instead I give you my demon:

That's right, uni. Well uni, homework, assignments, essays, critical reviews, presentations, lab reports, statistics, textbooks, and above all: procrastination. I put the pro in procrastination, in fact I'm doing it right now, I have a critical review due on Thursday and I'm going to be in Cobram all weekend, hence no homework. So instead of getting it done early I'm sitting here browsing bloglines and basically wasting time to my heart's content.

Although to be fair I did go into the city today for research purposes, for another essay I had to photograph graffiti. So I did, then I went shopping for the remaining 5 hours, because well, wouldn't you? I managed to buy a dress (very pretty, very expensive), a bag, two tops, a leather journal ($25 from oxfam shop, I love that place!) and some cool fingerless gloves (yay winter is coming!). I'll take photos of them another day and do a show and tell. So instead I'll just show you some of the cool graffiti we took photos of, we had to photo on pieces which included a "tag", which is basically the name a graffiti artist gives themself. This kinda sucks because there are some amazing artworks in alleys and laneways around Melbourne.

There's a heap of really great and talented kids out there that's for sure, these pictures here came from Union Lane in the city which is a street art commissioned laneway, so all the "graffiti" here is totally legal, pretty nifty hey. We had a really lovely day in the city, the weather was so strange going from hot-cold-hot-cold but it was nice all the same, and we finished up with Chai latte in Degraves laneway, one of my most fave spots in Melbourne.

Or as smosch would say: we had a fika in Degraves lane, love that word 'fika', I'm going to have to start introducing it into my vocabulary.


MissK said...

This is one place I didn't get the chance to visit while I was in Melbourne recently,will be back soon hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining "This is" I am loving every entry and each weeks new little challenge.

Thanks for sharing your demon. So glad to have that demon way behind me. Good luck with your course.

Maureen said...

Oh homework.....tedious part of the education process, isn't it?!!??