Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After celebrating my 21st birthday on the weekend I'm face with the age-old question.. what to spend my birthday money on? Now I'm not saying there is a lot of it, which is sadly a consequence of not putting on a big "do" and paying for a bar tab and dj and room hire and all that jazz, but you know I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and I guess it evens up in the end.

So right now I have a little extra pocket money to spend and as always I don't want to just put it in the bank and end up spending it on washing powder and bread and petrol and all those boring everyday things. So should I actually save it for something? Like my impending move to Paris (imaginary move I should say), or eventually a new car. The amount of money seems to small to significantly contribute to these dreams anyway though.

So instead I figure, why not spend it on something fun or pretty or nice? Things like:

A beautiful handmade clutch by Kara Smith, although sadly it seems she has sold at least 3 of the clutches/bags I have been lusting over :(

Or perhaps some Shinzi that I've been wanting oh-so-badly ever since I stumbled across the page months ago. Maybe the birthday money could pay for the postage at least!

Then again I could always spend it on something that's practical AND pretty, such as a Le Creuset French Oven:

Or I could spend it on something that's pretty and really quite useless: Seriously though, how beautiful are these wooden cards? I found this over on Poppytalk Handmade which then linked me to the Nightowl Papergoods store, too beautiful, I would never send them though! These are definitely frame-worthy.

Speaking of frames I'm a bit stuck for what I should do with all my Europe photos, I know I have some really nice ones in there that I want to display somehow, not just have them sitting in a photo album gathering dust (or on my computer gathering virtual dust). Some ideas I've come across are Moo cards, a Blurb photo book, a glass pendant with a photo printed onto it, or just simply in frames. What do you think? What have you done with your special holiday snaps?

Oh and my birthday present for myself? A beautiful print from YumiYumi, I couldn't help myself!

p.s Like my new header? I got it from here.


Anonymous said...

How about a sewing machine? Then you can make pretty purses like that all by yourself, and a whole host of other things!

-Marj (Doublecurl from the taste forums. We miss you by the way. Hope you'll be back in the forums soon)


Fibo said...

I would love love love a sewing machine buuuut I simply have no where to put it! This flat is chockablock at the moment, even the cupboards are too full to put anything in them!

Thanks for visiting doublecurl :) I used to love Taste and then it just all got too political and crazy for me, I should really start checking in again though..

Kyla said...

I say spend it on yourself, you deserve it or use it at the fair. That way you can buy what you are oohhing and auhhing about :)

Kara said...

Hey there! I can always do you a custom clutch!