Monday, March 24, 2008

Words, pfft.

Stumbleupon sometimes presents me with the most wonderful pictures. It just pops up a blank page with a beautiful picture and it just makes me realise the power that pictures have, sometimes you don't need words to convey something, even something really complex. I wish I could do that, be able to shut my mouth and rest my fingers for a bit and just let the pictures do the talking. It's something I want to work on this year, being more.. concise. I often save these pictures that I stumble upon because I love them so much and forget to save the link as well, so if anyone can help me credit this photo I would be appreciative.

P.s I'll be back tomorrow updating about my little country 21st bbq-that-wasn't-a-bbq with photos of all the scrumptious goodies I baked, mmm.

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