Saturday, March 29, 2008

The new love of my life

I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend, Jay from Bedouin Soundclash. He doesn't know we're dating so don't go spreading it around, but we are, whether he knows or not.

So I saw Bedouin Soundclash at The Corner Hotel in Richmond on Thursday night, and despite having only ever heard 2 songs by them ever I was smitten by the first song. Jay, the singer and guitarist has such an amazing voice, it's exactly as you heard it on the cd, and he's cute. And he has a super adorable smile. And we were in the front row and I got eye contact, sure every other person in the front row probably also got eye contact but well.. I don't care.

I got a couple of decent photos which I've put over on flickr, but my camera battery died so I didn't have a chance to play around with my settings as much as I would have liked so that's why the pics that are up on flickr are a bit blurry. Hence why I need this camera. If anyone would like to lend me a grand or so it would be going to a good cause, I promise!

For your viewing and listening pleasure here is a sample of these Canadian cuties:


Tara said...

Ok, you got me all excited for a second there... I'm so gullible! Maybe I need some sleep... lol

Fibo said...

hahah sorry to get your hopes up Tara! Gee I wish he was my new boyfriend though :D