Monday, March 31, 2008


I think it's been pretty fairly established on my blog that I'm more of a photo person than a crafty person, despite reeeeeally wanting to be a crafty person. There's also a foodie element in there too. I know I don't need to have a specific 'type', but at the moment I feel like I'm torn between the three without really accomplishing any of them. When I look at amazing bloggers like SouleMama and Angry Chicken it just reminds me that there are bloggers out there who do all three, and kick arse at it, and can write really well as well! If only we could all be that talented.

So I've been looking at buying a sewing machine as you all know and I've been given some fantastic suggestions and feedback about sewing machines through comments which have been so helpful. I know I can buy a reasonably cheap(ish) sewing machine which would be more than enough for me to kick my craftiness into gear and hopefully start actually making some stuff! Including a quilt which I really need to have done in 8 months...

On the other hand, I've always loved photography and I'm always the first one to whip out a camera at every event and even just randomly while walking around town. I love the camera I have at the moment which is a Canon Ixus 60 but I think I've just about reached the limit of its capabilities and now I'm craving something a bit more... professional, I guess is the word. So now I've started researching DSLR's and especially Nikon's because I've only ever heard good things about them. This is the one I'm looking at the moment, it's amazing, and seems pretty easy to use for a beginner. It's quite exxy, but then again that's the price you pay for a really good camera unfortunately.

So what do you think? Should I do it? I'm obviously going to put a lot of thought into it considering I don't have a huge amount of money since going to Europe, although I can afford to buy this now if I really desperately wanted it. Are there any super-good photographers out there who can guide me?

*EDIT* Seems the link to the Nikon I was talking about isn't working, this is it instead, click on 'D60 Microsite' so see all the super cool stuff it can do!


Tara said...

Hi Fi... One of my best friends is a professional photographer and she uses a Nikon Digital SLR... so I think you are on the right track there! If you want to speak to her about cameras and stuff you can contact her through her webpage: :)

Bec said...

My "want" for a camera is the Canon 400d

Why don't you try going outside the square a little? Polaroids rock (althought film is expensive) but THESE are my FAVE cameras at the moment. Cheap and wonderful - LOMO CAMERA'S (that's the international shop) click on the Holga Camera, then "microsite" and you'll see all the things it can do :)

Fibo said...

Thanks Tara I'll check out her website!

Bec that canon is almost identical to the Nikon I was looking at! I wonder what differences there are in the specs, I here the canon lenses aren't so crash hot though, but then again I hardly know what I'm talking about haha.

I have a polaroid already actually, I hauled around Europe with me only to discover that both my films had expired because they cost me so much I had been saving them for "the perfect time", so there went that idea. I've been wanting a holga for ages too but have never got around to it, I thought they were kinda expensive considering what they are?

Liss said...

I just got a Canon 400D...took it to Thailand with me...and to be honest with you im really not happy with it. And the main reason is the lens. Alos I dont think it captured the colours as vividly as the Nikons. To get what I want from my camera Im either going to sell it and buy the nikon, or spend and extra $400 on a decent lens.

Anna said...

We have a nikon d70 and absolutely love it and want to buy another one, so I'd go with the nikon for sure :) I picked my sewing machine up cheap on ebay so I'd say go with the camera and then later down the track keep an eye out on ebay for a cheap sewing machine.