Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to Blogland

Well here it is, Christmas day and all the kiddies are probably ripping into their presents, parents are tired and full from playing santa in the wee hours of the night, and I'm honestly surprised I'm not hungover after drinking a few too many glasses of champers while watching carols with the family last night. I wanted to take a photo of my Christmas tree this morning with all the presents under it that I wrapped (they look quite good actually) but I left my camera at my aunt's last night so I'll have to wait for them to arrive, I might even include MY presents in the photo then!

I received a wonderful gift from my Pop last night to go towards my Europe trip, it was a card full of cash! I was absolutely speechless when I opened it and ever teared up a little bit and as Mum said "She's speechless! That's unusual for Fiona!". Originally I thought I'd use it to buy and Ipod, but decided that instead I should spend it over in Europe because that's pretty much what it's for. So I think I'll use it to buy a nice coat or boots or fancy and expensive like that while I'm Paris/Rome. But what a fantastic Christmas eve surprise that was, and while I know my Pop has probably given my other cousins money for their overseas adventures, I never expected it!

So I guess I had better put myself in the shower so I have time to dry my hair and pretty myself up for when the family and the boy arrive. Then we feast on my famous muffins that I made a batch of specially for this morning! I hope you all have a fantastic, safe and merry Christmas today, remember to relax and enjoy the day and remember that it only happens once a year so savour it! Oh and take photos, you'll thank yourself later.

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