Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Super exciting mail day!

After a long day at Leo's making up a seemingly infinite number of "ready to buy" hampers, I dragged myself home and opened to mail box only to discover that everything I had been expecting had shown up today! So I walked into my flat with a massive smile on my face and an handful of envelopes and a little parcel. I'm sure this is nothing to most people, but most of my mail is bills and catalouges so this was very exciting for me.

From the top there was: an invitiation to my cousins wedding in Feb to be held at Torquay Beach, a double 21st invitation from my friends who are twins (alas I can't go, I'll be in Europe!), my "prize" from a competition on a forum which I didn't actually win but was allocated to me after my name was drawn from a hat (the real winner had won twice in a row and felt guilty, the prize was a mini stationary set), new Frankie magazine which I wasn't even expecting! And last but most certainly not least, my shinzi katoh stamp set! It was smaller than I had been expecting but still jam-packed full of Shinzi awesomeness. I'll take some photos tomorrow when the light is better, I'm sick of dull and gloomy pictures on my blog.

I love real mail, it makes me so happy and fuzzy inside, so much better than impersonal bills and automated letters from your optometrist/red cross/bank/council member. It makes me realise that I should really send more letters and cards and postcards, you don't really need to say anything important or interesting, I think it's nice to see someones handwriting and notepaper in a society that is all computer fonts and white screen. Speaking of which, maybe I WILL send Christmas cards this year, if only I had time to make my own... that would be really great. Well it's something to consider anyway, it's not like I don't have enough to do before Christmas already (sense the sarcasm much?)

Photos will be up tomorrow of my mail bounty :)

Oh! And could these be any sillier/wittier? That Amy, she cracks me so much sometimes.


Tara said...

oooh ooh ooh... mail! How I love thee!!..

If you love mail as much as I do you should join up for swap-bot (www.swap-bot.com) you swap parcels with people from all over the world... letters, magazines, craft supplies, anything! It is awesome...

Ok, I'm not a swap-bot salesperson (it's free) I promise, I just discovered it and it got me excited and after reading your post I think you would get excited by it too. So check it out :)

Lara said...

here here, personal mail is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. surprise mail is even better! I should send people more random surprise packages - how much cheer would that spread???

Fibo said...

you're so right lara, I used to send my friends random silly postcards that I got for free from those avant stands in supermarkets and unis etc. They always loved them so much. Imagine how excited people would be to receive pretty little handmade things in the mail! What a good idea for the new year..

Craft Fairy x said...

You have been kissed by the craft fairy.