Sunday, December 30, 2007

A pretty post (countdown= 27 hours remaining)

This is a belated thanks to the craft fairy for my delightful little bluebird that arrived in my mailbox on Christmas eve. I didn't check the mail until the next day on my way home from Christmas lunch and I was very excited to see this little package sitting cosily in my mailbox. My brother gave me a inquisitive eye and I just laughed and said "oh it's my prize... never mind", I didn't bother to explain because he would probably think I was a bit of a looney. Then again, I wouldn't argue if he thought I was. So finally, here is a pic of my little bluebird which now rests on my printer where I keep all my pretty little things (very annoying when I actually have to scan things though).

And here is the gorgeous tea towel that my brother gave me for my kris kringle along with two champagne glasses, now don't get too excited, I actually pointed these out to him as potential gifties. I wish he was clever enough to find these things by himself! Either way it was a nice surprise to find it wrapped up with the champagne glasses as I had assumed he had forgotten about it. It far too pretty (and big) to use as an actual tea towel so now the question becomes "what to do with it?". Well, for now, I'll look at it and think about how pretty it is. Then I might turn it into an apron (no sewing required as folding it in half and running a ribbon between the halves would suffice quite nicely) or frame it even, although that might be a bit girly for a shared apartment.

Lastly, can I point out my extreme love for this cd, I bought it during my cd binge last week when I spent over $100 on new cds. This isn't really so shocking when you consider that I only ever buy cds once a year usually, so if you think about it, this binge averages out to be quite cheap. Well that's my logic and I'm sticking with it. But seriously, the covers on this cd are really great, my favourite being the cover of 'River' by Angus Stone as I have loved that song to pieces ever since Robert Downey Jr sang it on Alley McBeal years ago (yes I'll admit to that). The cover by Josh Pyke of 'Wuthering Heights' also kicks arse, but then again when does Josh Pyke not kick arse? So go forth and yonder, and buy this cd!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow for my last post before I jet off to Paris, but I can't promise anything! I'll probably find a million things that I've forgotten to do, it would be the appropriate thing for me to do after all.


hungryjac said...

OK Fibo....details, we need details.

How was the flight? Did you enjoy paris? Lyon????

Hope the lack of details means you are having a fabulous time.

You are missed.

Bon Nuit


Fibo said...

hi everyone im here! but after sending emails to family and checking facebook i am out of time! were in lyon and leaving for nice tomoro hopfully we can find a net cafe there and i can update more: i hope this makes it to my echo friends because i really want to make sure everyone knows im having a good time eveen though ive had a hell of a cold. ok out of time gotta run, love to everyone; hopefully will post properly soon!