Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crafty love

Nothing exciting has happened around my place for the last few days because I was in Cobram over the weekend for a 21st. It would have been good except that I (possibly) broke my toe half an hour before going out to the 21st, so I spent the entire night sitting down and feeling sorry for myself. Other than that I've have a rather uneventful couple of days and haven't had much to post about. Instead I'm going to share a few things I have stumbled across, mostly from other peoples blogs, that I am head over heels for.

Now it is no secret that I absolutely adore Lara Cameron's designs, the one above is from her new Christmas prints and I think it's just so perfect. She has such an amazing array of designs and it's almost impossible to choose a favourite! You can see her designs on moo.com, her blog, and her flickr page. I really do love everything she does and I desperately need to learn to sew so I can justify buying some of her fabric.

Next up is some of the cutest fabric I've ever seen, this is from nuno and I only discovered this website after being alerted to it by Pip over at Meet me at Mikes. I never thought I would get into Japanese fabrics, I really couldn't understand why everyone was going giddy over the cutesy patterns with all the animals and mushrooms. Now I'm starting to get it. No, not only do I get it, I want it. I also have no idea whatsoever what I would do with it. Something tells me that means I'm catching the crafty bug. I'm also loving the gorgeous trims, they would be perfect to use when wrapping gifts, however I don't think my friends would really appreciate the cuteness.

I'm incredibly jealous of the cafe mug that Lara bought from Shinzi Katoh. On the English website they only have a few of them, and none of them are half as gorgeous (I must think of a new word) as the one Lara got. So I ventured onto the Japanese website and was delighted and horrified to see that there are heaps more there, and heaps of everything else too! I'm so annoyed I don't know someone living in Japan who could buy it for me, my computer doesn't even understand the characters! Here is one of the ones that I think is just too adorable:

I love the fact that they have English writing on most of their products, and that what is written on them is usually so simplistic and silly that as an English speaker you just have to laugh.

Edit: Oh my goodness, I was just browsing the Japanese store again and found these gorgeous soup mugs, they are the most perfect thing ever. I'm officially in love with this website, how can I buy it all?!?!

Ok well that's enough crafty love for today, I've been sitting here for far too long and I must start my spinach and ricotta cannelloni for dinner, yum!


Liss said...

oh that Lara print is amazing :-) I love her work too.
I just read the Frankie forum, thank so much for the mention. I'm a member of the forums too, but my user name is LilyAriel, which was a name i used before I went with Daydream Lily, perhaps I should set up a new account. hmm.
Liss xo

Tara said...

Hey Fi!

Thanks for checking in on me... I'm doing OK, just snowed in under a billion catalogues and newspapers - it sucks!! Whatever you do, don't EVER get a job delivering them... it really isn't worth it, even if you just wanted an excuse to exercise... it is just too stressful and they never end... lol

Ironically, I took this job to get some extra cash to buy myself a sewing machine because I have recently got the sewing bug (weird huh? Are we long lost sisters or something?), but I haven't been able to use it much because my life revolves around delivering catalogues!

I've been making handbags, I'll take some photos when my camera battery is charged. I'd love to use some of Lara's material, if I could afford it... one day I will be rich :)

Loving your new blog... and your new job looks much more exciting and pleasurable than mine does... I might have to come and visit you there... then again I may have to wait until when I am rich for that as well..

Tara said...

oooh... and I just ordered some material from nuno! Thanks for the link... I'll have to make you something when I get it in the mail :)

Lara said...

Hehehe, thanks for all the lovely mentions in this post!!

If you want some more affordable shinzi goodness, you can get things from here:


And Arthur's Circus in North Melbourne also just got a whole bunch of his stock in...



Juniper said...

I have that birds cafe mug from Shinzi Katoh! Its a lot smaller than i thought it would be but is very pretty and quite delicate too. I bought another one with green trees on it for my nephew and unfortunately that mug got smashed by accident and i can't get a replacement as they've all sold out typically!