Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is.. my most favourite outfit that expresses my individual style

Confession. I was actually going to pretend to have forgotten about this week's This is theme. I love the theme but my wardrobe is very uninspiring at the moment due to lack of funds and/or time for shopping. Also most of my clothes either don't fit me or don't fit me well at the moment so I wasn't really looking forward to posting a "top to toe" photo of myself!

So while I was hiding behind a veil of feigned ignorance I noticed on kootoyoo's post a little thing called Polyvore which I could use to recreate the exact sort of outfit that I would wear if I: a. could afford it, b. could find it, and c. could fit in it. So here we are, an outfit that reflects my personal style, top to toe, sans me.

Although now that I look at it I'd probably include a scarf as well, wouldn't want my neck getting chilly! Thanks to Angela for hosting, Kitty for the theme, and Kootoyoo for Polyvore!


Jenaveve said...

Loving the green trench - very much like the red trench I picked on that website.

Amanda said...

I love the green of those shoes. Hey I know what you mean about this week's theme -I cheated and put a photo up from 2 years ago when my clothes used to fit me!!!

Lisa said...

Oh I love your choices. Simply gorgeous.

Beth J said...

The green coat is so nice.. and the little top is cute as!! I like your choices!