Monday, June 2, 2008


Here I am sitting up past 12am with an unfinished research proposal which just happens to be due tomorrow. Luckily it's not due until 5pm. Well I think that's when it's due anyway. I really don't have much to do, but it's the last few things that I can never be bothered doing to be honest. So I'll let it rest overnight and have a look at it in the morning to finish it up.

I had a great day today at the Good Food and Wine Show at the Exhibition Centre, it was such a long but fun day. I took a few snaps on my camera so I'll upload them tomorrow and write a proper post about it. Until then you'll just have to wait! Although I'll warn you, for most of the day my hands were full with bits of food, tiny paper cups and glasses of wine/beer/champagne/cocktails/water so there aren't actually many classes. Also the 3 lattes that I drank in quick succession during our 'coffee school' really didn't help my ability to take photos, or stand still, or talk slowly. Anyway, I'll talk about that tomorrow.

Also some bad news. Due to complications I won't be making the baby quilt for my friend anymore. It's best left at that I think, I don't really want to think about it too much and I also don't feel comfortable talking about something so personal on the internet when it isn't really my place. Suffice to say the quilt isn't going to be needed. Although I do hope to make a quilt for my best friend one day when I'm actually good at it. Thanks so much to everyone for your advice about the quilt, I'll still be looking into it all as I'd still like to have a go at making a quilt starting these holidays.

And now because I need something to bring me back up, a list of stuff I dig.

Poached fruit made by my Granny, the smell of coffee beans, waking up without a hangover after a big night, bows on shoes, birds nests found on the ground, brand new bed linen, weird foreign sbs movies, secret smiles, strangers who say ‘good morning’ when you’re out walking, the excitement of planning a trip, obscure movie quotes that only you and your friends know, signature perfumes, carefully written calligraphy, brightly painted toenails that no-one else sees, fresh flowers bought just for the sake of it, homemade soup, birthday cards with number badges, learning French words by reading the shampoo bottle in the shower, the anticipation of having something on layby, colourful knitted throw rugs, puppies that you want to immediately take home from the pet store, cool flickr sites, secret ‘graffiti’ (more coming soon), pyrex and anything on Polaroid.


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