Friday, April 11, 2008

A job? For moi?

Well today turned out to be one of those super fantastic days where little things just add up and you find yourself walking on air. For awhile now I've been trying to find a new job because frankly, cleaning just isn't cutting it, and while I'm happy to keep on cleaning for the doc two days a week it just isn't enough. I don't have enough money to frivolously spend on fun and pretty crafty things, and we just can't have that can we?

So I've been applying and applying and handing out resumes and emailing resumes and sucking up in cover letters and smiling my face off and I haven't back from them, not. a. single. one. So clearly I was getting pissed off, I was getting cynical and angry and pouty. I was ranting about how employers expect too much form you and no wonder there is such an unemployment crisis and how am I meant to get "experience" if noone would ever hire me!

And then it happened. Today I handed in a resume at a cafe, it sounded promising, perhaps a Wednesday shift at least. I went out for coffee with a friend at the same cafe then walked down the road to check out the Asian supermarket which I've never been in before. Found some gorgeous green soup bowls and soup spoons which I had to buy (photos will come later), I checked my phone and I had a v-mail. I checked it and it was Ikea, asking me to come in for a group interview on Thursday. Whoo hoo I yelled, another possible job! I can do a group interview no problem.

So I bought my friend back to my flat to lend her some boots for a themed 21st and I noticed I had a message on the answering machine. I checked it and it was a girl from a the sports medical clinic that my cleaning boss is the foot surgeon for! I had emailed in a resume on the off-chance that by having "contacts" within the clinic they might give me a reception job. And she said she wanted me to come in for an interview! This would be perfect because I want to do nursing after I finish my psych degree this year and working in a clinic would be such a great experience, even if I'm only on reception.

So yeah I'm dancing, and I know none of them are guaranteed and I might not get any of them, but it's so nice to hear back from them, I'm so sick of being completely ignored and dismissed and just feeling like there was something wrong with me. And now I'm going to make Asian chicken noodle soup for myself and a friend who is coming over to drink beer and watch The Sweetest Thing with me, could this day get any better?


Kyla said...

Congrats that is really great. I hope you get one or all and they are fighting over you :)Let us know how it goes.

Tara said...

OMG I hate job hunting... I've just started looking around for a new job since my current one has a nasty habit of not paying me! Although I'm aiming low at the supermarket chains cos I need somewhere that is open late after my uni hours... *fingers crossed*