Saturday, April 5, 2008

Supermarket loneliness

I had a moment today in the cleaning aisle of my local Safeway when I realised just how lonely grocery shopping can be. It's such a strange stark environment that is populated by people wandering around in a daydream, avoiding eye contact, wordlessly maneuvering around each other.

Then you get the young flatmates, laughing as they decide what Taco kit to buy for tonight's dinner, or the mother and daughter pairs arguing over what cereal they should get this week, and of course the couples who seem to know exactly what their partner wants. I always find myself jealous of people who shop in groups or pairs, they always appear in another world to us lonely single shoppers.

It's moments like these when I miss having a boyfriend. And then I think about them shopping for ingredients to make cocktails like we did every Friday night, or buying lemons and milk to make crepes for her like used to make for me. A little part of me curls up into a ball, and I realise that I am lonely, despite being surrounded by all these people.


Bird Bath said...

oh, shopping is a depressing activity :(...although I would find it pleasing to do it on my own. Negotiating with my three kids while they wail, talk, plead while I try to think is mind boggling.

Fibo said...

haha yeah I guess you're right, when I worked checkout I used to always feel sorry for the women with the screaming kids, although I'm sure one day you'll look back on it fondly.. one day.. ;)