Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tough bounce.

I found this on the found magazine website quite awhile ago. It's been sitting in my pictures folder ever since and I could never remember where I got it from so I didn't want to post it on here until I remembered. So I googled the file name which I had saved it under: toughbounce, because I had a feeling that it was saved as that for a reason. As is turned out that was what it had been uploaded as originally, so it was easily re-found.

I love this for so many reasons, you can really create your own story from it. I'm going to name the first person X and the second person Y. Ignore the "he's", I only do it because without them it makes it very confusing.

1: X is throwing his heart to Y, hoping they will accept it. Y doesn't want X's heart and lets it fall to the floor where they both stare at it. X realises Y never wanted his heart anyway.

2: Y is grey and the heart is grey. Y had previously given X his heart. But X no longer wants it, he tries to give it back to Y but Y doesn't want it back. He wants X to keep it so he lets it fall to the floor.

3: X has no arms. He has lost the ability to love and therefore cannot catch Y's heart, even though he really wants to.

I remember in the comments on this picture on the website everyone had come up with so many beautiful and haunting little descriptions of what they thought was going on in the picture. What do you think? Can you see yourself in this picture?

I don't know that I fit in with any of my stories, if I could change it to make it more applicable to me it would be both X and Y throwing their hearts at each other, and neither one being able to catch it.

edit this is the link to it's page on Found, I just stumbled on it while looking through the website again, read everyones comments, there are some beautiful ideas there.

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