Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is my latest (late!) discovery

I've been meaning to this all week, I've even known exactly what I was going to photograph and write about all week! My good intentions had to be delayed however, as the impending doom that is the due date of my four major assignments seems to be getting frighteningly close while I am terrifyingly far from finishing (or starting..) all of them!

Luckily my latest discovery has been helping me through all the stress and hair-pulling-out, and has made me a little bit more serene and a little bit less likely to have a panic attack as soon as my head hits the pillow at 1am.

My discovery is:

T2 tea! Now it's not like I just stumbled across T2 recently and said "oh my what is this delightful store? I must buy some tea". No, I discovered T2 for the first time years ago, but being stingy and a total tea-novice I decided that it wasn't worth the extra moolah and that I would be quite happy with regular old Lipton.

I continued to re-convince myself of this every time I walked past (and into) T2, I would browse the store smelling the tea and trying not to knock over the $60 teapots. And then I cracked. Last week I decided that enough was enough, I needed some T2 tea and I needed it now. Now I am the proud owner of "Melbourne Breakfast" and "Sencha quince", both gorgeous teas and both can handle a bit of honey (yay).

I am absolutely convinced that drinking all this tea not only gives me a little bit of "oh how extravagant and luxurious am I?" time, but it's also totally mellowed me out and I'm not constantly yelling at my brother and random friends anymore (just occasionally now). So if you're feeling strung out, stressed out or just plain angry, find yourself some lovely tea and just relaaaax.

p.s Thanks so much for all the helpful advice about the quilting! Because of assignments and such I won't be able to start it until holidays which is mid-way through June, so something tells me it won't be finished by November! Oh well, the little bubba's just going to have to wait for 'Aunty' Fi to finish it ;)

Oh and um, who is this Amitie lass you ladies are talking about?


Love&Afros said...

Just stopping by.. can't really remember how I found your blog but we have a lot in common. Namely the fact that we both live in the same-ish area (I live in Armadale) and we both love crafty/arty stuff.
Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I am hanging to try T2 tea... I never get around to actually buying any though =/

Kyla said...

I love tea..I am having a cup right now...well cause I have a cold and tea seems to warm me up.

Serena said...

Amitie is a fabric shop in Melbourne (Bentleigh East) run by the very lovely Jenny. Here's the link to her site

Kathy said...

Oh, sounds lovely, I'll have to see if I can find it online :)

Louise said...

Jenny is my boss and she is fab. But, I can certainly give you some easy tips on how to make a quick cot quilt. You should come and see me when I'm at work at Amitie on either a Tuesday or the odd Sat. My girlfriend has been making lovely pram quilts which would be even more manageable for you and faster. We put thinner batting inside them and they are lovely and soft and tuckinable. I'm happy to give you any advice you need.